zumö is a high-end image creation studio based in Bogotá, Colombia.

Zumo is a collective formed by digital artists, who’s mission is the treatment, creation and concept development of images, for both sales and ad campains. Our job is to create images that enhance the brand, making it clear for the audience what the concept is about, and to be the ideal promotion vehicle for our clients. Our success is our attention to detail!

We have been providers for the advertisement industry for almost 10 years,  in which we’ve been at the vanguard of technological advances and quality of our final products. Our hands have crafted the designs in some of the countries most important and successful ad campaigns.

Our clients are from a wide range of publicity agencies to include  BBDO, Mc Cann Erikson, Leo Burnett, Publicis CB, DDB Worldwide, J. Walther Thompson, Rep/Grey and Ogilvy & Mather, amongst others.

We’re now offering our services worldwide, we’d like YOU as a client as well!



This is our main job at Zumo. The award winning talent of both our digital artists and creative directors is well established in our field, and has been recognized in several international festivals. The efficiency of our process has made us the leaders of digital image and post production here in Colombia.


In this ever-changing world, image creation for ad campaigns have gravitated towards the use of CGI as a better way of creating hyper realistic objects and scenaries. Here at Zumo, CGI is one of our most used tools. In our case, modeling, texturization and lighting processes go hand in hand with the other elements that make the image what it should be: a stunning image, and all under the same creative directors.


Here at Zumo our team of photographers are skilled in various fields of commercial photography: Product, Cars, Splashes and Movement, Fashion, Beauty, Still Life, etc. Not only we have the talent but our own studio and high-end equipment to fulfill any client requirements.


Here at Zumo we interpret the process of creation and conceptualization of ideas from our client’s needs. We draft to the point, timely and cost efficient solutions to generate impactful images that sell themselves, and your product. Nothing is left to chance.